Wood creaks, steps are heard, the wind whistles,a faint melody takes us into a fantasy world. A cricket sings, a whisper penetrates in our ears and that makes us shiver. "The sounds of the night" is a sound architecture and a scenic poem dedicated to those nights of solitude and silence where just a voice, made up of different sounds, told us stories, a story that is told to the spectator ear.
Producciones Imperdibles performs for the fisrt time at FeSt a show in where the location of the audience and the way of attend to it, directly involve in the creation of the show and the perception that the public has of it.
This in not new in this company of a restless nature and boundless imagination. Already been carried out since 2002 performances of dance at spaces that are specifically designed for that.
We remember a tent with holes to see what happens inside, transparent stages, a giant kaleidoscope, inflatable tents... shows that always impress with their innovative proposal and the effect on the public around the world.
With "The sounds of the night" we take a step further in developing this line of work that puts the spectator in a particular situation to the event staging.
This time with a proposal based on the sounds and voices. An audible performance.

The show is heard through headphones prepared exclusively for each spectator.
He sits in a different armchair, unusual in a theater.
Everything happens in the stalls that are modified and adapted for this show.
With a reduced capacity of spectators.
The audience is close to the laboratory of sounds that happens in front of them.
This way the sound atmosphere is poured directly trough the headset, the lighter sounds, the exhalation, the breath, the air that fills the voices of the actors and actresses live in front of the microphones.
A luxury for your ears.
The music created and performed live, every day with different nuances because it's involved in the immediacy of the moment.
And a wide range of sounds that are made live, horses, singing bird, the rustle of a branch, a dark wind ...
Tales or short stories of various genres will be the base of the sound session: horror, science fiction, erotic, fantasy, romantic.
All these ingredients make up themselves the staging: the unveiling of the sounds because everything happens before the eyes of the spectator.
And to complete an atmosphere where it looks like we were under the stars turning color of the sky, opening the senses to the sounds of the night.

An experimental work with voices, music and sounds as the basis of the show.
The recreation of a night atmosphere that invites us to listen, an evocation of a recovery of the ear in front of the visual thing.
A work that explores the power of the sounds, human voices and music.
The ear as a channel of experiences, sensations and evocation of past experiences.

"The sounds of the night" may be an evocation of dramatic radio program that no longer exist and many of us miss them, an evocation of these stories heard in the night, of the voices we only hear in dreams.