We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once. F. Nietsche 


A unique moment of encounter through "Danse in Blue". A proposal of dance, directed to the senses and the imagination that is part of a series of performances framed in the project "The Eyes of Dancing".

An installation with two "scenarios" one real and the other one virtual at different levels that allow a suggestive game of movement and images.

The real scenario is configured as a precipice where dancers fall, jump and slide in a game of appearances and meetings.

The pre-recorded images on a blue background using different editing techniques allow us a constant visual game between the actual and the projected dance.

The dancers play with themselves.  Their close-ups tell of strange springs, drawing their bodies in a vacuum is mixed with a sense of vertigo.

Our idea is to establish an alliance between dance and visual art, authentic artwork image for scenarios which occur between the actual present and the past, in a conjunction between creation and memory.

Interpreters along a path, are transported to different times and spaces, enlarged or dwarfed...



Producciones Imperdibles has been developing since 2002 a new way to bring its creative work to non conventional spaces. Dance performances with a different proposal, sometimes subversive, others provocative but always suggestive in terms of the container and including both performers and spectators.

In all of these shows the viewer has taken part in a different way: with his head in a hole, sitting beneath a transparent stage, through the reflections proposed by the mirrors of a giant kaleidoscope, leaning out of the aisles of a rectangular scaffold... etc.

Magic spaces creating a particular universe with dialogues between the dancer and the viewer, a unique moment of encounter through movement but also through surprise, humor, eroticism, complicity and closeness. 

We are talking about a new kind of dance, conditioned by space, time and the audience; but also a new way of looking at dance, we speak of looking at a special moment of dance, unique and unrepeatable.

With these shows Producciones Imperdibles has opened a successful co-production line with well established international festivals. It has received many awards and since 2002 turns its shows steadily in Europe, opening new contacts to other continents and other cultures. 



With this new idea we get deeper into the investigation initiated earlier this decade which was based on the creation of new spaces for dance in urban spaces always looking for a different public gaze.

The stage is formed by a 1.40 mt height of 3mt wide 6mt background stage.

On the front of the stage a screen video wall of 5.40 mt wide by 80 cm high that falls just below the stage.

In this screen is projected in high definition the visual discourse that has the show and that is directly related to the choreographies which are developed in it.

The minimum space for installation will be 10 m wide x 5 mt background.
The ideal spaces can be either indoor and outdoor theaters, squares, courtyards, parks or urban extensions; it will always be better if enclaves are attractive from the point of view of historic buildings and landscapes. 


Danse InBlue Images

JA slide show

Video Danse in Blue

Cast Danse In Blue

Mª José Villar
Iván Amaya

Lucía Vázquez
Juan Melchor

José María Roca
José Pipió

Sergio Collantes

Pepa Muriel, José Pipió

Mela Peñalver

José María Roca

COPRODUCERS: Itálica International Dance Festival (Council of Seville).

With the support of the AAIC (Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions-Andalusian Government)