The Open Couple

Producciones Imperdibles shows a reflective satire in humorous tone about life as a couple.
Husband's suggestion to open marriage to other relationships with complete freedom for both, create in this couple a number of situations that make us laugh with intelligence, giving us a nice space to consider with them our own limitations and beliefs.
As Julia says in a time of the play: “In order that an open marriage works it has to be opened only on the part of the husband, because if it’s opened also on the part of the woman, it becomes a bawls of deer…”

Rame and Fo construct in front of us a series of absurd and tragic events of a frankly enterteining way, causing at the same time the spectator meets reflected in the play in one way or another.
We are before an acid reflection on the limits of the life in couple.

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Cast The Open Couple

PAREJA ABIERTA written by Darío Fo and Franca Rame

Belen Lario de Blas y Javier Castro

Lighting and sound:
Sergio Collantes.

Stage design:
José Pipio

Original soundtrack:
Jose Mª Roca y depipió

Silvana Redivo

Mela Peñalver

Director assistant:
J.P. Ibañez

Jose Mª Roca

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